Marché du Film: Artinii launches platform to connect global filmmakers

The first ever Czech start-up presents “Artinii Showcase: Discover a New Tool to Access Community-based Film Audiences” on Thursday 25 June at 5pm (Paris), during the Marché du Film in Cannes.

Artinii is a platform where global filmmakers connect with event organizers without middlemen involved. Filmmakers upload their film to the platform database and receive access to information about licenses purchased, audiences etc. 

When a movie gets uploaded, it is saved to a private offline storage. If an event organizer purchases the license and therefore the movie gets called, its audio and video tracks get inter-layered with multiple invisible/inaudible watermarks, then the movies gets fully encrypted. A private key of the movie is created, and send to the Artinii Cinema Player, that is free to download on our website and is the only medium that can screen the movie. 

The Artinii Cinema Player reads the special key and opens the file. The movie though gets decrypted piece by piece as the screening is going on, making it impossible to copy and store on any device. On top of that it is able to recognize how many screenings have been purchased and rejects to screen over the limit, making illegal repeated screenings impossible.

The Artinii database itself is sorted based on peoples interests instead of genres. Therefore, if a bar owner or a festival planner wants to organize a film event for Female Empowerment or Black Lives Matter, with Artinii, they can find their community and its related films right away.

Ctirad Hemelík and Vít Krajíček are the founders of Artinii. Hemelik explained: ‘I’ve organised countless events, where I screened films, and always tried adding something extra to it and I know people valued it highly. But it was often very difficult to find the right film for the community, to obtain the rights and the film itself. I was sure there has to be some other way’.

‘I understood the business potential right away. I was fortunate enough to put together a team of people, who helped us develop a technological solution, that is simple, secure and fast. No time wasting, no more physical copies of films’, added Krajíček. 

‘We gave extra attention to developing a business model, that is fair to filmmakers’, remarked Ctirad and Krajíček completed: ‘We are very happy, that Artinii provides a solution suited especially for the new era. It can be effectively used to deliver films without physical contact, to serve remote places, to serve smaller communities of people as well as larger ones. We have already proven a high interest of brands, businesses and event organisers’.

Artinii has already screened many films. Due to the origin of the company, naturally many of those are Czech, but we see the potential in the whole world. There is a big sports or runners community, just imagine that we are able to bring them a worldwide premiere of a movie about a famous runner, which they will love as running is their passion. 

Artinii is already working on similar projects and Artinii's team has counted over 300 000 runner's communities and is now reaching out to them. Based on the previous experience, the success rate for a community-based screening is around 6-9%, which makes around 20 000 screenings worldwide. With the price of USD 300 - 400 per premiere such as this one the expected revenue is around USD 6 - 8 million. The financial potential of community-based screenings is remarkable, but better is the rejuvenation of the film industry as a whole that Artinii brings.

Artinii is constantly searching for interesting films to be added to the library and expanding globally. Due to its focus on passion-based communities, Artinii is a great opportunity for all sorts of films, which would otherwise suffer from limited distribution.

The newest addition into the film catalogue include Mantra – into the silence, a feature-length documentary that explores the musical and social phenomenon of chant and response meditation; Dancer, Sergei Polunin’s breathtaking ballet talent who questions his existence and his commitment to dance just as he is about to become a legend; the German-Israeli film Cakemaker; the Oscar winning picture The Shop on Main Street; and Viva, a documentary about czech videoart in times of communism. 

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