ARTE launches news Spring Line Up and new head of distribution

ARTE Distribution presents its new Nature & Discovery line-up at the Digital Sunny Side, highlighting The Fire Under The Mediterranean Sea (52’) with the internationally acclaimed underwater director Laurent Ballesta (700 Sharks and Deep Med). French company has designated Florence Sala as the new Head of ARTE Distribution and Marketing at ARTE France Développement.

The new documentary from director Laurent Ballesta reveals exclusive, breathtaking images of Volcanoes under the sea, never seen before. ARTE is also highlighting several investigations such as Hacking Democracy (52’ & 90’) on the powerful of new occult advisors to the political world and the new populist crusade threatening our democracies, Gluten, Public Enemy? (52’ & 90’) to uncover the truth on the real qualities of industrial foods, and Emoji Nation (3x20’ & 52’) a playful and offbeat investigation into the world of emojis. ARTE Distribution has also, as always, a rich Cinema line-up with exclusives biographies: Jodie Foster, Hollywood Under The Skin (52’) the story of a feminist struggle, Coppola, In The Heart Of Darkness (52’) the first film on one of the Hollywood’s godfathers and John Huston: Adventures Of A Free Soul (52’). 

Florence Sala is the new Head of ARTE Distribution and Marketing at ARTE France Développement. She began her career at ARTE France in 1998 as a project manager for international thematic channels. She then joined the Canal+ Group in 1999 where she worked for 18 years in various fields such international content acquisition et coproduction (feature films, series and documentaries), marketing, international business development, and international distribution at STUDIOCANAL.

Before joining ARTE Development, she worked three years as a CEO and producer for the French-German production company Bleu Kobalt, where she produced international prime time feature documentaries, among which Titanic, into the heart of the wreck and In search of Orient Express were sold in more than 80 countries to History Channel, Channel 4, ZDF and SBS

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