Russian drama The Outbreak was picked on the Fresh TV selection at MIPTV Online+ 2020

Created by Pavel Kostomarov, produced by Premier Studios and dristibuted by GPM Holding, Russian mini-series The Outbreak, was selected for Canneseries last year was on the list as ‘most fresh’ content by classical The Wit’s selection The Fresh TV Fiction at MIPTV Online+.
Virginia Mouseler, co-founder of The WIT research company chose The Outbreak to be the only Russian project in Fresh TV Fiction selection of the most buzzing shows from around the globe. The series from Premier Studios tells about lethal virus pandemic that outbursts in Moscow and forces the main character (performed by Kirill Käro) flees with his wife (Viktoria Isakova) and her son, as well as his ex-wife (Mariana Spivak, Loveless) and their child. The story is based on the best-selling novel “Vonglake” by Yana Vagner.

‘The work of Pavel Kostomarov is not about the epidemic itself, but about people and their choice whether or not to preserve humanity in themselves. Now many viewers have an opportunity to reassess their priorities and their values. I think this is the main thing about what is happening now’, said Valery Fedorovich, the producer of Premier Studios.

The WIT only picks shows which has stirred social buzz and were vivdly discussed on social networks. The Outbreak, created long before the coronavirus pandemic somehow predicted the context in which we all live now. The story and choices that characters have to make were relevant  in the first place, yet now they appeal to any person in any country in the world. The project has it all for reaching global audiences: powerful script, universally relevant problems and a very acute understanding of our time’, added Alexandra Modestova,  CEO of Expocontent.

The world premiere of The Outbreak took place last April in Cannes as part of the main competition of the Cannes International Series Festival (CANNESERIES) in France. The film version of The Outbreak entered main competition of the Moscow International Film Festival. In Russia, the title is available exclusively on the PREMIER platform.

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