Diversity and Inclusion Statement – Prensario

Editorial Prensario was founded in1973 with the mission of transmitting, through printed monthly magazines first, and now through digital platforms and social media, information and comments on music, movies, radio, television and now Internet and the digital environment, regardless of its source or content in terms of age, sex, sexuality, place of birth, religion, ethnic background or identity of the people originating or mentioned in these stories.

Since 2006 Editorial Prensario is commanded by a woman. Its staff includes LGBTQ+ personnel, with fifteen employees, of which seven are female. Being a show business trade platform, all the communications emerging from the company through its platforms and publications are devoid of content that may be considered offensive or might seem discriminatory to any person on the base of that person’s beliefs or origin.

All the editorial matter and news published by Editorial Prensario are internally generated or produced by foreign correspondents following the same rules of conduct. External press releases, interviews, statements and news reports received are carefully screened and revised to make sure they stand up to the criteria applied to internally-produced content and are not offensive or unfair to any person, according to the criteria already exposed.

The company has been in business during nearly 48 years and has never been questioned by any person or party regarding its observance of the principles above specified.

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