RMVistar presents the show: Mañana is too Late

RMVistar, the distributor company leaded by Rose Marie Vega it’s stressing its presence at Virtual Screening to promote its recent motto strategy ‘A new world of content’ which pretends representing original, strong and engaging stories. And therefore, the company it’s also focus to continue looking for formats and developing projects from different genres and for different platforms.

One of the main novelties is the Eloize project, a series that will take audience to the future in an oniric world with manipulation through dreams. In addition, the company is presenting Mañana is too late, an ‘irreverent’ show with Lorenzo Parro showing the most fun from social networks and interviews with celebrities about what happens day by day.

Likewise, RMVistar keeps continue promoting the projects The red Notebook, Dead line and Worlds Apart. Adding to these titles,  is still distributing the catalog of films like No quiero ser tu hermano , a theatrical Chilean comedy, that will be released in the USA shortly and The Brave, an action movie starring Armand Asante,  that was bought by Netflix for the English-speaking territories.

Regarding the pandemic situation, Vega states: ‘There has been a strong impact on the rhythm of normal productions, however, digital production continues to move and adapt, as is the case with our show Tomorrow is too late. With certainty, new ways will be found to continue producing under the “new normal”’.

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