VS Autumn 2020: live the new experience, reloaded

After the huge success of Virtual Screenings in May, the experience comes back since today, with Virtual Screenings Autumn. The basics are the same: an online content screening market very direct and friendly, that will join in ten days 4000 participants of +100 countries.

But there are many strong news: a new modular design, new tools for buyer interactions, powered analytics from the first day and new sections as VS Billboard, VS Next, with top executives business panels, VS News and VS Figures. The event is fully reloaded.

VS Autumn expects to join +1500 buyers, whose 900 were registered till the beginning of the event. So far, they are 35% from EMEA, 30% from Latin America, 20% from Asia Pacific, 15% from North America and 5% from other regions. According to a survey VS Autumn made with 200 of them, they buy 56% for free TV, 45% for SVOD, 42% for Pay TV, 29% for AVOD and 20% for TVOD, as it can be seen in the graphics. Joining all the OD options, digital leads the demand, but linear TV continues very relevant. AVOD is a strong emergent segment.

There are available about 280 hours of content, from 57 exhibitors, 6 more than in May. The offering is 60% fiction and 40% entertainment, factual and others. According to the survey, buyers are looking for short series (82%) miniseries (58%) movies (55%) long series (46%) and short formats (17%). The demand of shorter series (13 episodes per season, or so) more than longer ones (+60 episodes) is a current issue in the market.

About genres, the surveyed buyers prefer one-hour dramas (83%) followed by thrillers (64%) action (59%) and then, very close one to the other, there are entertainment formats, comedies, factual/docs and kids programming, with around 50% of the preferences. All kinds of genres will have good demand at VS Autumn.

New tools for buyers? Inside every booth, they have now a special button to send messages to the exhibitor, asking for more information, to be contacted or a virtual meeting. Also, making clicks at the contents in the different sections, they access directly to its information and the distributor’s booth. And there are two browsers to find contents faster: per words and an exhibitor filter, per type of content, genre or origin.

The new sections? VS Billboard is a special place to highlight 10 contents per day, which mixture changes daily. VS Figures provides everyday the top screened products of the market, or by type of content, genre and origin. It also has the whole figures of the market and iconic trend graphics. VS News includes the Official VS Autumn edition, the daily newsletters --they generate the news of the event for the market-- and general news of the exhibitors.

VS Next is a main thing. VS Autumn has coordinated with its partners to generate 15 panels with top executives and buyers from all the world. Every region is present. They will be launched 1-2 per day, to push people to continue entering during the market. There are also 15 ‘testimonies’, which single industry experts’ opinions, about the content market.

Today, September 15, the panels are ‘The new OTT Ecosystem’, by OMDIA and Prensario, with David Urgell, SVP Streaming Services EMEA-Asia, Pluto TV/ViacomCBS, Filippa Wallestam, EVP & CCO, NENT, Jacob Ahlin, digital director EMEA, A+E Networks UK, plus Maria Rua Aguete, OMDIA, as moderator.

‘Unscripted Formats: Global Trends and Looking Ahead’, by Ella Turner, K7 Media (UK). And ‘Globo Super Pitching: A Life Worth Living’, about the Brazilian giant’s hit, with Paula Venturim and Rosane Svartman, author. Below there are links for VS Autumn’s Users Guide and the full VS Next panels agenda.

Nicolás Smirnoff and Fabricio Ferrara

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