RMVistar: deals with majors and projects for digital platforms

According to Rose Marie Vega, CEO of RMVistar, the flow business due the pandemic situation has shifted its offer to more "Covid-19 friendly" productions and actually they are working on several projects mainly for digital platform with shorter running time episodes. The company is participanting at VSA edition with project offer for diferent media.

'In the meantime, quality produced programs always find the right venue and we are working on a new great biopic to be released shortly', explains.

The compnay recently closed a deal with HBO for the license of the Chilean comedy I Don’t Want to be your Brother from the Padilla brothers. Also signed a deal for a package that includes Leomark Films and Recetazasto which will be available on CanelaTV platform in USA.

In addition, closed a production development agreement for a new thriller series for LatAm, and brokered a license deal with Malaysia for Odyssey MP for the distribution of several high-profile action movies a premiere in this promising territory.

At Virtual Screenings Autumn 2020 is pushing #VIRAL, where a teenage girl, sets out to uncover the truth behind the viral video of a fashion influencer and fellow student’s tragic death. Also Deadline, that follows a youtuber who discovers that the phone he inherits from his recently deceased dad has a glitch when you use the camera; and Plan B, that shows Philippe, and how discovers an incredible small company  called PLAN  B that offers the possibility of going back in time.

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