RMVISTAR licensed La Chica Que Limpia format to be produced by One Life Studios in India

RMVISTAR, acting as exclusive distributor in the territory for Jaque Content, has reached an exclusive format licensing deal with One Life Studios for the remake of the Argentinian hit television drama series La Chica Que Limpia for all Indian languages in India’s content marketplace. The new agreement was jointly announced today by RMVISTAR Founder and President Rose Marie Vega and One Life Studios Founder and Chief Creative Officer Siddharth Kumar Tewary.

Vega saw the global potential in the series and brought its format to The Gersh Agency and Warner Bros. Television (WBTV), whose pilot is already being produced as The Cleaning Lady for FOX Network: 'I've always had the utmost respect for original content. Produced by Siddharth and his creative team at One Life Studios. With their deeply personal stories and richly drawn characters, I look forward to seeing La Chica Que Limpia brought to life for Indian audiences', she said. As a ready made, RMVISTAR has licensed it in key markets in Europe such as UK, Poland, Belgium and Germany.

Tewary noted: 'La Chica que Limpia is one of those highly praised shows that found its unique niche in many international markets. Not only that, I think this is a story with many universal themes and plot points that has an impact on viewers around the world. India, being such a flourishing content hub, has greatly evolved its viewing options with exposure to a myriad of content options. We have a strong team writing the show to suit the Indian palette, maintaining its international appeal and global storytelling style with constant guidance from the RMVISTAR team. '

The story centers on the story of Rosa, a young woman who gave up chemistry studies to care for her sick son Felipe, who requires a bone marrow transplant to survive a serious immunodeficiency. Her need for an aseptic environment leads her to become an expert in deep cleaning. Due to a series of circumstances, she is forced to clean up the evidence of a murder and, in turn, she becomes the "cleaning lady" of an organized crime organization. Although it is a sordid job, she allows him to earn enough money to pay for the operation of her son that will save his life. As she gets better and better at cleaning, she also learns that she has gained the power to clean more than just crime scenes.

Paola Suarez, Partner and VP Development and Production of Jaque Content, explained to Prensario: 'It is great news that the series is coming to India. On the one hand, because a new territory opens up for content created from Argentina and Latin America. And on the other, we are very intrigued by how the Indian audience will receive it. Without a doubt, the alliance of RMVISTAR and Jaque with One Life Studios for the development of the local version is strategic and successful'.

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