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Zodiak Kids, CBBC and ZDF Enterprises to coproduce sci-fi mystery adventure series Silverpoint

Zodiak Kids Studios, part of Banijay, announced it has secured a co-production for a brand-new drama with CBBC and ZDF Enterprises. The company is producing Silverpoint (13x'22) sci-fi mystery adventure series about kids at summer camp.

Across the summer, four kids find themselves bonding, not just over the outdoor activities, but something unexplainable out in the woods, something they make an oath not to tell anyone about – because it’s beyond cool, because finders-keepers, and because no one would believe them anywa. The series is created by Lee Walters, Lead Writer, and Executive producer Steven Andrew, Creative Director, Zodiak Kids. Filming starts next month in Northern Ireland for transmission in 2022. The series will be produced by Trevor Klein, the lead director is Dan Zeff. 

Benoit Di Sabatino, CEO, Zodiak Kids, underlined: 'Thanks to multi award-winning series like Secret Life of Boys and Joe All Alone, we have developed a live action series line up to reach the international market. Silverpoint is the first production of this new development slate and we are proud to work with prestigious partners such as the BBC and ZDF Enterprises'.

Steven Andrew, Executive producer, Zodiak Kids, added: 'We are thrilled to be making this very exciting and ambitious adventure series. Inspired by the Goonies and The Explorers, it’s a story that touches on friendship and being accepted for who and what we are. And a story about control, something these kids don’t have; each of them eager to take control of their lives in a way they have hitherto been unable to; something all todays children will very much relate to'.

Amy Buscombe, Commissioning Editor for the BBC, said: 'Silverpoint is a brilliantly twisty, action adventure that had us hooked straight away, and we can’t wait to see this brilliant team bring it to life'. Nico Keeb, Head of International Co-productions and Acquisitions, Children and Youth Programs, ZDF, remarked: 'Silverpoint is the perfect fit for ZDF’s programming needs. It goes along nicely with our other high-profile live action series, and will attract boys and girls equally due to its sci fi mystery approach.” And Arne Lohmann, VP ZDFE.junior for ZDF Enterprises, concluded: 'The thrilling story and strong characters have hooked me immediately. I have no doubt that kids all over the world will fall for Silverpoint as well'.

ZDF Enterprises own distribution rights in Germany and Austria and German speaking rights in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Alto and Adige. Zodiak Kids own all other international distribution rights to the series.

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