Virtual Screenings Worldwide: what the buyers prefer

Virtual Screenings Worldwide 2021 has had two very good first days, stressing that this kind of online events -with no previous commitments for buyers, and making focus on content- covers a concrete need at the content industry.

Almost 600 buyers have already entered the platform, generating +2500 screenings, with a record average of screenings per user. There are main buying companies: Amazon, Disney, WarnerMedia, BBC UK, M6 France, TVB Honk Kong, Zee India, ABC Australia, Univision from Hispanic USA, among others -see graphic 2.

When PRENSARIO interviews these VS buyers, they say they like this format of events, because it let them do binge watching of contents, not being obliged to have meetings. The sales interaction takes place when they enter the booths and show interest in the contents, pushing healthy relationships. They all like to manage lots of stats, rankings and digital tools to make their searches easier.

What type of contents are watching these buyers? The third graphic shows the predominance of TV series -Turkish, US and Latin ones- but comparing to other VS events, there is a steady growth of unscripted formats, led by Banijay and Korean KOCCA; kids & family -good performance of Studio100 Germany- and docs & factual, mainly from European providers. The last two genres were the winners of the Pandemic, as they are easier to produce with less people and safe protocols.

It is very interesting the pie of screenings per the origin of the contents. Graphic 4 shows a predominance of Europe, but all the regions have good performance. Russia has 6 distributors for the first time -Start, Star Media, TV Russia, Central Partnership and NTV and kids provider Riki Group- and Asia has the Korean National Pavilion through KOCCA but also Nippon TV Japan, ABS-CBN The Philippines and GoQuest from India.

The rankings of Top 15 booths and contents have all of these combined: there are a good mix of origins and genres at every step, with Turkish, Latin, European, US and Asian distributors sharing the main positions.  Buyers love variety in this kind of events, to make time more productive.

Anything to add? VS Next is again a top success, with iconic concepts at its panels and testimonials. The day one María Rua Aguete from OMDIA said that the OTT segment will have 500 millions of new subscribers in 5 years, generating unique feedback at the social media accounts of both VS and PRENSARIO. Since VS has Next, buyers spend more time and visits in the platform. See the complementary articles below.

Nicolás Smirnoff and Fabricio Ferrara



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