IPI 2021: OMDIA forecasts 500 million subs and new streamers by 2025

Present at the 2021 edition of Iberseries Platino Industria (IPI), OMDIA's market trends session was focused on its most recent report on the future of TV, named "Television in 2025: who will lead the streaming race", presented by María Rua Aguete, senior research director, who highlighted the main trends in the business, with an emphasis on streaming: grouping and aggregation and AVOD.

The consultancy highlighted the growth that online video has shown, compared to pay television, where it also showed that the latter has maintained and will maintain stability in subscribers by 2025. While OTTs will add 500 million new subscriptions in the next five years. The report also shows a noticeable increase in Pay TV revenue, in many markets where has being higher than SVOD and AVOD: from all regions, the USA and Europe are the two markets where this trend stands out the most.

But undoubtedly where the consultancy emphasizes is the penetration of SVOD at a global level: the report reflected that from 2014 to 2021, the presence of streaming services increased by more than 40%, and assured that between these dates, they will added more than 256 million subscribers to SVOD and more than 85 million households.

Regarding advertising, the report stated that by 2024, online video will have surpassed linear TV in revenue, being one of the most preferred by advertisers. OMDIA expects revenues to exceed USD 150 billion. He also highlighted that by 2025, Google and Facebook will be the companies that will capitalize more than half of the revenues from this sector.

On the OTT market, OMDIA mentioned that D2C services are saturating the market: in addition to the players Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Showtime, StarzPlay, YouTube Premium, Peacock, Disney +, Apple TV +, HBO Max, Discovery +, Paramount +, have joined, and that these platforms are already studying new subscription models, such as hybridization, offering SVOD or AVOS subscriptions, or even some have joined forces with others.

In total, as of 2021, the consulting firm counted about 5,359 streaming services around the world, operating with different models. He also highlighted the new business models of the large pay TV operators, which have now become aggregators of services, beyond television, offering music, social networks, solutions for professionals and more. In this section, the consulting firm assured that it will be the most decisive trend to avoid saturating the subscriber market.

Regarding content, OMDIA specified that the large platforms are developing specific content for each market, and placed special emphasis on content in Spanish, where Netflix seems to be the leader, along with HULU, who in 2020 made up 10% and 8% of the supply of content in Spanish in the USA, followed by Tubi, Pluto TV, Amazon, Starz, HBO and Disney +. Of these, Netflix had the largest presence in specific markets such as Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Spain and Colombia.

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