VideoSwitch welcomes PTNI to its distinguished client portfolio

People's Television Network Inc, the state-owned television channel of the Philippines, acquired VideoSwitch's headend solutions.

PTNI acquired VideoSwitch's headend solutions: EWBS Server (Early Warning), Encoders (ECD-3000) and Multiplexers (DMUX-3000).

For this deployment, PTNI has incorporated VideoSwitch's Software and Hardware solutions for its signals, which are broadcasted from Quezon City to the entire Philippine country, including the unique EWBS (Emergency Warning Broadcasting System) fully compliant with ISDB-T Harmonization Document Part 3: EWBS, approved on November 2015 by the ISDB-T International Forum. This operation allows PTNI to add value to the services provided to its viewers, in compliance with all current Broadcast regulations in the Philippines.

VideoSwitch continues to provide valuable propositions for both existing and new clients.

VideoSwitch, a leading player in the digital television industry with more than 30 years of experience, continues to strengthen its presence in the international market with this new landing, and consolidates its growth in the Asian market.

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