Star China: two appointments for global development

Vivian Yin, Chief Representative, Star China Media Ltd. & VP Starry Productions, announced the retention of both Michel Rodrigue, CEO of consulting firm, The Format People, and MJ Sorenson, president of MJ Global Communications to continue expanding glonbally.

While Rodrigue will guide the team to handle international programming projects, Sorenson will help to contact global industry press. ‘Michele extensive international formats and programming expertise will propel us to the next level, and MJ’s media knowledge and connections, will ensure our top-rated programming is represented in the media at the highest level’, said Yin, who aims to expand Star China’s programming outside the territory and showcase the country’s talents to the world. 

Under CEO Tian Ming -a legendary figure in the Chinese media industry leadership-, Star China has become the most promising media group in China. It recently launched the first original, native Chinese format Sing My Song (created by Star, aired by CCTV3) that went out to the international marketplace’, adds Rodrigue.

‘Vivian is a dynamic executive leading the next generation of Chinese production. All our international team is active at MIPTV 2014, with a major program announcement’, concludes Sorenson.

Sing My Song has a total season viewership of 480 million, total viewer share of 37% in China (from CSM) and CCTV 3’s ratings increased by 59% compared to previous year, same time slot. The show’s viewers represented a high educational background (University+), an increase of 45% on top of the channel's average. The format is available for internationally distribution.

As of January 2014, China Media Capital acquired the remaining 47% share from 20th Century Fox to become the sole owner of Star China Media Ltd. Its 3 channels cover the Chinese-speaking audience across Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia and its top rated shows include: The Voice of China, China’s Got Talent, Amazing Chinese and So You Think You Can Dance.

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