Rive Gauche sold factual package to Pluto TV

Pluto TV, the leading free streaming television service, has acquired 435 hours of factual programming from LA based global production/distribution company Rive Gauche. The content will debut on Pluto TV in markets including the USA, UK, Spain, and Latin America and Brazil, where the company is launching four new channels.

Multiple brands will have their own FAST (free ad-supported streaming television) channels on Pluto TV, including popular crime series Homicide Hunter (142x60) which features Lieutenant Joe Kenda and his Colorado Springs crime-fighting team. The series will play on its own Pluto TV channel in the UK, Spain and Spanish speaking LatAm.

Iconic Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan (167x60) will have its own channel in the UK, LatAm, Spain and Brazil. Shock doc series My Strange Addiction and My Crazy Obsession will combine to create a new channel in the UK, LatAm and Spain. Buying American Homes (aka Buying…) (92x30) highlighting homes in Hawaii, The Bayou, Alaska, etc, will have its own individual channel in the UK.

In addition, audiences will have access via Pluto TV to: Am I A Boy or Girl (9x60) in LatAm, Spain and the USA; Science of Sin (4x60) in LatAm, Brazil, Spain and the USA Where Cool Came From (10x60) in LatAm, Spain and the USA; and Race to the Scene (8x60) in LatAm and Spain. 

'We are excited to partner with our friends at Pluto TV to make some of Rive Gauche’s top brands directly accessible to audiences globally. These FAST channels also open the door and allow new audiences to find these binge worthy series we all can’t get enough of', underlined Marine Ksadzhikyan, COO & EVP of Sales at Rive Gauche.

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