VS Worldwide 2021: Television, Digital, Kids… Monetization

A second series of conferences have been added to the VS NEXT agenda for Virtual Screenings Worldwide (September 21-30). The main topics continue to be television, digital and kids programming, focusing on a key issue: content monetization.
Prensario International announced additional conferences for the Virtual Screenings Worldwide (VSWW) portion, VS Next, produced by Nuevos Medios Entertainment and exclusively sponsored by Vuulr. Along with the first five sessions revealed last week, new sessions and round-tables have been confirmed, focused on key issues such as digital business and television in strategic regions: Latin America and Europe. There also important conferences about kids programming  and content monetization.  
2021 has been the year most the OTT Majors to launch in Latin America: on September 22, “Majors OTT in LatAm: what’s next?” will feature for the first time the Top 3 players of the region discussing the next steps and competition at one of the most dynamic streaming markets in the world. Natalia Scalia, Head of Direct-to-Consumer, The Walt Disney Company Latin America;. José Calderoni, SVP Head of Growth Marketing Latin America, HBO Max; and Marco Nobili, SVP International Marketing & Growth, Streaming ViacomCBS. The moderator will be Nicolás Smirnoff, managing director, Prensario International.
Co-produced with Inside Content, on September 23 “European pubcasters: how to be relevant in a highly competitive scenario” will gather four top broadcasters from Europe that will discuss their strategies about their premium content developments, digital alliances, OTT launchings. How to be relevant when they compete against major companies merging and offering more and more streaming services to the market? will be answered through Maria Pia Ammirati, Head of Drama, Rai Fiction (Italy), Simone Emmelius, SVP International Fiction - Coproduction & Acquisition, ZDF (Germany), Manuel Alduy, Head of Cinema and International Development, France Télévisions (France) and Amalia Martinez de Velasco, Head of General Content, RTVE (Spain). Moderator: Geraldine Gonard, Conecta FICTION's founder and director.
For the past four years, demand for kiddie content has grown 54%, faster than any other genre. The steady increase in demand represents a significant opportunity for streamers looking for growth as the so-called ‘gateway genre’ is known to attract and retain new audiences. Parrot Analytics' Alejandro Rojas, director of Applied Analytics, will offer on September 24 the session “Powered from the Playground: How Kids Content Can Supercharge Your Growth Strategy” that will dive into the global demand for kids’ content by revealing which series are most popular in Latin America and worldwide as well as new ways to monetize demand for this genre.
OTTs around the world are battling for the audience attention. Segmentation could be the answer to fairer competition in various business areas. The session “Indie OTTs: how to make business happen" on September 25 will feature David Chu, CEO, Digital Media Rights (USA), Girish Dwibhashyam, VP - Strategy, DocuBay (India), Jordan Warkol, Director of Business Development, ToonGoogles (USA), Adrián Garelik, CEO, Flixxo (Latin America), and Maria Grechishnikova, CEO, Star Media (Russia). The moderator will be Nicolás Smirnoff, managing director, Prensario International
In only one week, VSWW has added +100 participants/buyers, sellers/distributors, investors and brands, reaching already almost 700 executives from 65 countries. Registration to the show is opened for free for global executives and can be obtained at VirtualScreenings.com

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