The Man Who Died green lit for Second Series

Elisa Viihde, the Finnish entertainment platform and original drama commissioner, has announced that the second season of the hit black comedy series The Man Who Died has been green lit with co-producers Media Musketeers Studios, who are also distributing the show, and Sophisticated Films.

Produced by Helsinki based ReelMedia Oy with a support from Creative Europe Media,Business Finland, the town of Hamina, and the South East Finland Film Commission, the series isbased on Antti Tuomainen’s bestselling, clever, minimal,and darkly comedic story of one man’s hunt for his own killer, starring Jussi Vatanen (Fallen Leaves) in the main role.

Produced by Markku Flink at ReelMedia Oy, the first series was one of Elisa Viihde’s most watched series.

Written by Brendan Foley, the second series (6x45’) is helmed by Samuli Valkama andreprises characters beloved in the first season in a pure noir plot spiked with Antti Tuomainen’s trademark black humour.

Many of the best-loved characters are back in business for a new mushroom harvest, alongside a crop of new players, ranging from Jaakko’s enigmatic nurse and minder Miss Itoh (Natsumi Kuroda) to the ruthless Stella Lampinen (Kati Outinen).

At the end of season one we left mushroom entrepreneur Jaakko with at least one foot in the grave.Season two begins with Jaakko waking from a medically induced coma in a Tokyo hospital.Welcomed back to Hamina by his trusted mushroom team Jaakko soon finds the honeymoon period of unexpectedly being alive has a duration shorter than the average lifespan of a mushroom.

Series producer Markku Flink, of ReelMedia Oy, says, 'It was the open ending of the original novel that made us ponder how far Jaakko would be willing to go if he got a second chance. Doesn’t this cross everyone’s mind time to time? So, it took off after the first brainstorming session with Antti and Brendan and the second series was born.  We are delighted to be working with all our co-producers to bring this wonderful show to life'.

Chris Law of Media Musketeers Studios,added, 'We are delighted to be co-producing this fabulous show, and excited to bring Antti Tuomainen’s beloved dark yet charming take on Nordic noir to audiences around the world.  We are pleased to announce that series one will soon be released on AMC Networks streamer Acorn TV in the US and Canada, and we look forward to announcing further international sales of The Man Who Died very soon'




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